our programmes: Singing Sisters

There is something very special and sacred about women gathering in a circle and singing together. Through the ages, this has been a traditional form of a women’s club, a forum, a psychotherapy group, a chosen family. One who feels her roots will never feel alone.

Singing Sisters is a singing workshop for women of all ages, where the participants find their voices, learn to feel and trust their body, find support of other women, tap into their innate creativity and build resilience to meet the challenges the contemporary urban living brings.

No special music talents or previous singing experience are needed to participate in Singing Sisters workshops. In a gentle, therapeutic manner, you will be guided through activities that may include

  • breathing, movement and vocal exercises
  • body percussion exercises
  • learning a traditional women songs from different cultures phrase by phrase
  • singing simple chants and affirmations
  • group vocal improvisations (yes, you we can!)
  • creating vocal soundscapes
  • working in small groups to tell a vocal “story”
  • listening to others singing to you
  • sharing insights resulting from singing in a group

Like other Sing4Change programmes, Singing Sisters workshops are best when experienced in-person, but online gatherings can be helpful in certain situations (for example, for people with low mobility or for those who experience severe social anxiety). Inquire at sing4change@duck.com to discuss and schedule.

Sing4Change is dreamed and led by singer, composer, music scientist and humanitarian advocate Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC. Currently based at the University of Oxford (UK), she started running Sing4Change community workshops in 2017 in Boston, USA. Prior to that Alisa taught clinical music therapy skills to Berklee College of Music students and ran a pro bono humanitarian music and health advocacy in the post-Soviet territories. Contact Alisa at sing4change@duck.com for workshops, consulting, interactive performances and speaking engagements.


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