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Music making is natural, familiar and good for us, humans. Music accompanies and comforts us throughout our lives. It stirs our emotions, brings out memories and gently guides us spiritually. It helps us to stay connected to each other. It soothes and energises the body. It gives us a chance to learn about different cultures and to reconcile conflicts. It lets our creativity soar – at any age.

Songs4Comfort (Songs For Comfort) is a music program for seniors, where we use interactive live singing, movement, conversation, and simple music activities and games to support physical and emotional wellbeing of community members aged 65+ and their families and caregivers if present.

The program is tailored to the unique needs of every community we engage with and can take various forms. Here are just some examples:

  • Interactive live sessions at day centers for seniors;

  • Immersive education workshops for caregivers who wish to learn about therapeutic benefits of music for seniors;

  • Zoom sing-along sessions for seniors in their homes;

  • Consulting services for facilities and community centers who wish to pilot music care programs – including dementia care;

  • Curated playlists to support seniors and their caregivers through daily living activities.

Dr Alisa Apreleva working with a group of people with early stage Alzheimer’s and their caregivers in Salem, MA, USA, November 2023

circle can be experienced in-person or online, depending on the purpose and circumstances. No active music skills is necessary to participate in this or other Sing4Change circles. I
nquire at sing4change@duck.com to discuss and schedule.

Sing4Change is dreamed and led by singer, composer, music scientist and humanitarian advocate Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC. Currently based at the University of Oxford (UK), she started running Sing4Change community workshops in 2017 in Boston, USA. Prior to that Alisa taught clinical music therapy skills to Berklee College of Music students and ran a pro bono humanitarian music and health advocacy in the post-Soviet territories. Contact Alisa at sing4change@duck.com for workshops, consulting, interactive performances and speaking engagements.

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